Behind The Artworks: SARMAT - RS-28 (2022)

The first impression could be “the utter devastation”, but when You look on it carefully, You will find an idea and a few symbols. The first one is the “mushroom” that becomes after the nuclear explosion. It has a human character (or rather “inhuman”) on the front cover art. By giving it the human skull shape and the image the author shows, that in spite of the machine/thing that brings destruction, human beings are responsible for all that madness. It's like a shout “We brought destruction to You!”. Children in gas masks are also symbolical. Nuclear warheads bring destruction to everyone and everything. Suffering of youngest and innocent ones is very meaningful. The barbed wire – the another symbol. It warns and forbids - “DO NOT ENTER”. But what if it entwined the whole planet earth? It says also “YOU CAN'T RUN”. The human skeletons are the less suitable vision. After the nuclear blast nothing lefts in the epicentre – no remains, buildings, plants and so on. But by putting human bones and skulls on the cover we show the utter destruction mentioned before.

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