Behind The Tracks: BARBACOA - Ghosts (Single) (2022)

"This song is about losing my parents," says Evanchuck. "My Dad and Mom passed away in 2020 and it hit me pretty hard. It stills hits hard everyday. I was really close with my Dad and I miss that relationship all the time. Losing them both about 10 months apart was rough. Especially since a pandemic and lockdown happened in between them passing."

As serious as the subject matter is, "Ghosts" doesn't dwell too much on the negative, but instead embraces the path forward.

"At its core, 'Ghosts' is about continuing on with the ones we lose," Evanchuck continues. "We all have ghosts at some point. We carry them with us. This song was a way or reminding myself that my parents loved me and they always will. That’s a line in the song and I mean that. I needed to remind myself of that. I hurt because they aren’t here, but I am happy because I know they loved me and they still do. This song is selfishly for me but it can be applied to anyone going through a loss or who has gone through one. I hope maybe it helps make someone else feel not so alone. Your loved ones may be gone but their spirits live on in you. It has a bit of a sad hint to it, but a lot of positivity and the music is absolutely amazing."

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