Behind The Tracks: Ghosts Of Sunset - Queen Of Used To Be (Single) (2022)

Ghosts of Sunsets latest single “Queen of Used to Be” tells the tale of yet another fading actress struggling to remain in the light as the curtains are closing on the twilight of her career. Throughout history from the earliest stars of the silver screen to names like Lohan, Kardashian, and Hilton, the world has hung on every move from women like these, only to ignore them and put them on the shelf when the next “it girl” arrives in town.

Once addicted to the flashbulbs and red carpets, the struggle to remain in frame while the cameras point at this year’s model, becomes all consuming. Be it tumbling out of a limo, falling down the catwalk, or stumbling out of a hot spot where you used to be the main attraction, negative attention is still attention and your name remains on the entertainment page the holds your worth and identity. The realization that you reign over a world that doesn’t exist anymore makes you the “Queen of Used to Be”.

Guitarist Denny Smith of the Great Affairs joins Ghosts of Sunset to help tell the tale and escort the last drunken has-been out the door and into obscurity.

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