Behind The Tracks: Libricide - Silence (Single) (2022)

"Silence" depicts the world of a concerned and increasingly exasperated citizen in an over-reaching surveillance state. The song jumps in parts between the subject and their issues with modern society, and a falsely placating, propagandizing, "sentient" governmental technology. Whether that draws any similarities to any particular societies today or in the near future is entirely coincidental.

In the modern era, so much (mis)information is available and data is mined on so many levels that we've literally become part of the product ourselves!

It's dark, it's brooding- that guitar solo's impeccable and creates so much imagery.

Most important, it's weary of the road we're on; of our own "establishment". There's not just the palatable warning signs already manifesting in this world for us to see, but a broader understanding and untrusting cynicism about everything that's culminated up to this point.

The demo version was initially called "Silent Culture"...referencing how in order to have any shred of personal privacy or anonymity anymore one would essentially have to become totally "silent" and have zero presence both online and anywhere else. Pretty much an impossibility in today's world!

When we were working on this song, we had no idea what the end result was going to be. When you write a tune & flesh it out in either the rehearsal room or the studio, it takes on a life of it's own & doesn't always turn out the way you had originally envisioned. This was one of those tunes. Once we started to work on it & put all of our ideas together, it indeed took on a life of its own & began to write itself out. To be fully honest, I am very happy with the way it turned out. While a complex & dark tune, it's got a very catchy charm to it that even gets me. I am especially happy with the way my guitar solo came out. Once I started to write out my solo, it took off & guided me throughout the vibe of the music. One of my favorite guitar solos I have composed & one of my favorite songs off the new album. A clear example of how we evolved over the years as songwriters & musicians.

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