Behind The Tracks: Parker Shogren - Death Sentence (Single) (2022)

For the single Death Sentence- It started off as a basic trap beat and the lyrics. We eventually worked on it a more and made this genre blended song featuring some rap verses followed by screams with melodic guitars and riffing. It really was a project we are happy about even though it had no true plan to start off with.

Time is always better when you lose track of it- This is my biggest song off of my EP Before. After. It is a nice pop rock song about the feeling of love using word play and a catchy acoustic track. The song has gotten some airplay in Italy. This is the song I am most proud of lyrically. I really love the piano on the track as well as the outro of the song. The bridge is a nice singalong part where really captures that joy of love.

Never be the same- This is the complete opposite as the prior song. It is a pop punk song that focuses on the theme of how a person knows their past love is not right for them even though they are figuring out the new normal. This song has a cool bit of riffs as well as a breakdown followed by a solo.

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