Behind The Tracks: Tzarina - Embellished (Single) (2022)

Embellished is the fifth single of our upcoming self-titled album. Although it’s being released as a new track, it’s a song that’s been sitting in my back pocket since ~2015. Originally developed with the original iteration Tzarina (formerly called Deafmute), this is the song that cleared a path for me to fall into the other ideas that would inevitably be the first album in the Tzarina catalog.

Lyrically, the song deals with the ideations that come from stifling, oppressive environments. A sort of ode to watching your life pass you in front of you while feeling unable to help yourself.

The main riff of the song, I think I wrote after I had a bad day at work. In my 20s, that was most days - I hated my day job for a long time and the antithesis to a horrible workday for me was writing fluid, technical, and catchy guitar lines. I didn’t write the ending to the song until years later after revisiting the early demos. It’s because of that, the song feels like two different ideas juxtaposed.

I think the plan is to launch one or two more tracks before the album release this summer so stay tuned.

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