Track By Tracks: CRUCIFIXION - Human Decay (2022)

1. Opening The Gates, Blasphemy Returns:

This Intro was based on industrial elements mixing alien-themed war intros as supreme beings invading dominating the destroyed lost world, his influence from the intro of SEPULTURA's Arise album with WATAIN and MARDUK atmosphere, the alien voices were made by me in my room in São Paulo with Beto programming on the computer, the words spoken are loose that integrate phrases from the album names of some songs contained in it...

2. Human Decay:

It was the last track composed, it's a musical evolution with elements of brutal death metal, MORBID ANGEL influences musically and lyrically one of my favorites with backing vocals from André Rod from ATTOMICA, friend and old musician of Brazilian Thrash Metal.

3. Confirmed Execution 666:

It's an interlude like a movie score with the intro footprint, invasion continuity.

4. Annihilation And Victory:

And a song I wanted to do listening to a MORBID ANGEL album, it has slower elements but at the same time insane, it has a bit of old SEPULTURA, I really like the solo done by Sebastian Carsin, guitarist and producer at Hurricane studio where we recorded the album . It shows us evolving without sticking to a style while maintaining insanity, brutality and honesty.

5. Chaos Of Morality:

Magnificent lyrics, interpret it as you wish, it has BEHEMOTH is influence, I love this band, especially the Blackened Death Metal phase, it has the roots of CRUCIFIXION BR, Black Metal occult but musically evolved.

6. A Few Lies Of Your Whole Light (Human Decay Part II):

It's one of the first songs made after "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ", more old school, got a magnificent outfit and production. Obscure art and death metal lined up and sharp as ever...prophecy continues.

7. Into The Abyss:

Another song made right after the first album, got a new look and got better, had several changes. It is influenced by the Greeks of ROTTING CHRIST, a smart band in Black Metal that I listen to until today, I even get goosebumps with the beginning of it, all its development with brutal closure in which we arrived in extreme Death Metal.

8. My Savior

First track composed after the first album, it gained new elements and evolved into the current style.

9. Bloody Fire Victory:

Brutal Death Metal, current drop guitar, drums with new arrangements too, blast beats, percussion elements, Igor Cavalera influences, extreme elements, strong lyrics too, homage to BATHORY Bloody Fire Death... Rip Quorthom, your legacy is eternal Man of iron... Dave Ingram from BENEDICTION as a special guest, so proud, it's unbelievable to have him singing with me, I'm so grateful.

10. Passage:

Another interlude, a little different but with the same atmosphere, preparing for the next track.

11. Bestial Insanity:

This song was a challenge, I made it through the streets of São Paulo, on one of my nights here I recorded it on my cell phone at the time, also with elements of Brutal Death Metal and a mix of other elements and arrangements, it was an original result, showing what the CRUCIFIXION BR can create without being attached to anything, keeping his passion for Extreme Metal, I wanted the chorus to be in Portuguese, it was a tribute to Brazil, to the headbangers here. One of the tracks I'm also proud of.

12. The Final Chapter:

It's the end of this new saga, continuity of history, it was made here at home with Beto programming voices, percussion, piano, mix of industrial elements, aliens, a bit of Brazilian culture such as Candomblé Umbanda, Voodoo, obscure Brazilian art, mantra of reflection and preparation for new cycles...

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