Track By Tracks: Lÿnx - Long Live Rock n’ Roll (2022)

1. Long Live Rock n’ Roll:

The name says it all. For us, this song is a tribute to all the Rock n Roll legends around the world - those who have made a mark in the 60s, 70s, 80s, & to those who continue to do so. We wanted to bring some killer solos, fast drums, and a killer breakdown to our fans who love Rock N Roll.

2. Irresistible:

This song ‘Irresistible’ is a fun flirty song for the girls in the room. Every good Rock N' Roll band must have a song about the ladies, and this one is sure to get the room off their feet and dancing. It comes in hot just like with a killer opening and let’s loose into classic solos tributing to that one irresistible woman we all have in our lives.

3. Crazy Crazy World:

This song is meant to be our anthem to how the world had changed during the first of many COVID lockdowns. How can we still make music? Can we start a band and accomplish our goals with all the craziness? Blade and Flash put forth as an idea for a song and Fangs ran with the idea and created a killer track reminiscent of what we were all feeling at that time.

4. Red Rocket:

‘Red Rocket’ is about those dirty dog days of summer where you just want to blast off and initiate a launch sequence on this killer track. It’s a bluesy take with our signature Lÿnx sound that gives a bit of a variation between the songs on the EP.

5. Forged in Fire:

This is our only power ballad in this EP. Initially, we thought it would be a broken-hearted love song. Fangs turned it into an inspirational song that tells everyone to follow their dreams and passion and never give up no matter what. This song is forged in the fire of every musician who has a burning desire to do what they love most.


‘Paranoid’ as we all know and love is one of the godfather tracks of Heavy Metal and with the 51st anniversary of the classic album's release, we wanted to tribute the track with our own punch to it.

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