Track By Tracks: My Hollow - Fighting The Monsters (2022)


That feeling of constantly being taken advantage of, and never being paid your worth. Always trying to stand up for the people around you, and then having it all taken away again, and again. All because some fat cat needs to fill their pockets, or some politician needs to feel validated. They're all Vultures sucking on the lifeblood of humanity and mother nature.

2. Fighting The Monsters:

This one has a mini-story behind it that was the basis for the song. Greg’s daughter would always ask him where he was going whenever he was going to play a gig and was always curious when he would usually come home with the shirt of one of the bands he played with. One time she asked him if he was going to fight the monsters, like the ones on the band shirts he was wearing, so every time thereafter he would say he was going to fight the monsters. The song is what Graham had envisioned she would be thinking about when she thought that we were actually fighting monsters. She’s older now and no longer believes that we actually fight monsters for real.

3. Hell Or High Water:

I've always liked this saying. It has a motivation to it. Every time I hear it I feel inspired. The song is me trying to share that feeling with everyone that listens to it.

4. Faded Through:

Faded Through is about the grip that alcoholism can have on someone's life. Even people that are loved and supported can succumb to its grip. Even the wealthy and successful can't slip through its fingers.

5. The Iron Harvest:

This song is based on real events that happened during WW1 in France, and the effects that it still has on the people there today. Just look up the battle of Verdon. I don't need to say more than that.

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