Track By Tracks: Phenomy - Syndicate Of Pain (2022)

Syndicate Of Pain Is A Concept Album About An Asylum Ran By Dr Anton Shuman, A Mad Scientist That Is Manipulating Criminals And Patients Labelled Insane In His Facility.

It Will Be Later Revealed That These Patients Are Not Being Cured But Are A Part Of A Bigger And Darker Project.

Dr Shuman Will Also Realize That He Too, Was Part Of The Plan And That He Was Also Manipulated And Deceived By A Bigger And More Evil Entity.

The Songs Will Talk About Different Topics That Evolve Around These Patients, Dr Shuman’s Thoughts, Life And Death In The Asylum.

1. Intro:

The Intro Is A Dark Introduction To The Album And Specifically ‘Ominous’

2. Ominous:

A Paranoid Patient. Possessed With Voices In His Head, Which Take Control Over Him And Lead Him To Do Bad Things.

3. The Mute, The Deaf, The Blind:

Imprisoned In The Society He Lives In, Talking About How Bad The Society Has Become And That He’d Rather Be Dead Than Live In A Society Like This.

4. Bone Orchid:

The Ghost Of A Flower, Grieving The Death Of Mother Nature. Appears In The Dreams Of A Mad Man Who Tells The Story Of The Dead Orchid.

5. Downward Spiral:

A Man That Knows The Plan Behind Dr Shuman And Is About To Reveal It To The World. He Gets Caught And Shot So That He Doesn’t Reveal The Evil Plan.

6. Lead Me To My Throne:

A Serial Killer, Talks About The Things He Has Done And Asks For Redemption Asking The God Above For Forgiveness. He States That He Is Not In Control Of Himself When He Turns Into A Monster.


The Seven Deadly Sins And How We Are Tempted Towards Evil. This Track Describes The State Of Dr Shuman Who Thinks That He Is Trying To Save Humanity While Was Only Tempted By Evil By Transforming Men Into Monsters Without Knowing The Real Plan Behind All This.

8. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep:

A Tribute To The Lovecraft Story “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep” (An Inmate Who Died At The Facility A Few Weeks After Being Confined As A Criminally Insane Murderer)

9. When The Darkness Comes:

Dr Shuman Talks About His Addiction And Starts To Understand That He Was Also Manipulated By His Masters. And Now Understands That He Wasn’t Working For A Scientific Project That Would Cure Humanity From Death But He Is Actually Transforming Men Into Freaks For The Benefits Of The Evil Entity He Is Working For. Dr Shuman Dies Of Overdose In This Track.

10. Syndicate Of Pain:

This Track Will Reveal The Secret Society Behind The Evil Plan And Will Show How This Asylum Describes The Actual State Of The World We Live In. How It Is Manipulated , Controlled And Abused.

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