Track By Tracks: V/Haze Miasma - Nebula (2022)


"Nebula“ crawls ahead like a seething stream of lava. Increasing post-rock vibes with almost no vocals, until it finally explodes and discharges all its energy in a furious monotonous metal attack. This track is visualized by epic drone shots taken in the breathtaking nature of Iceland. Now you are ready for the forthcoming!


"Hypocrite! …Another Vicious Grimace“ musically is a classic V/Haze Miasma track. Atmospheric soundscape meets massive blackened post-metal meets catchy melodies - all embraced in a black & white crafted video visualization which once again is a stunning tribute to nature, its untamed forces but also its apparent fragility. Lyrically „Hypocrite!“ is the sequel of „The Vicious Grimace“ from the „agenda:endure“ album (2020). It is a fierce accusation of humanity for exploiting the „weak“ and similarly destroying natural resources for future generations.


"Hubris Redux" is the unforeseen reissue of the original track from "agenda:endure" (2020). Like the calm breeze after a raging storm. No guitars, no drums, no shouts. Instead hymnically played keys in the guest appearance of DRIF.T, accompanied by passionate clean vocals of SHINE. This is unexpected!

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