Band Biographies: Designed To Fail

Designed to Fail is an up-and-coming 3-piece Modern Metal Act from Trier, Germany.

Heavily influenced by modern Metal styles from Djent to Progressive Death Metal, their music varies between tight rhythmic parts and dark ambience effortlessly.
The relatively young band was formed in 2019 as Solo-Project by the American guitarist and bassist Anthony Dordell.

Soon he was joined by Steven Di Mauro who lent his voice to the first 3 songs, which were released in 2020 and 2021 as “Self-Destruct Trilogy”.

In early 2021, lured in by their riffage on “Hardened Discontent”, Aaron Feller found his way into the band as a guitarist and composer. He quickly cemented his presence in the band with the single “Bloodmoon” being written and recorded in only one session. Anthony Dordell: Guitars, Bass, Production, Composing. After that there was no stopping in sight.

With new musical inspiration and a different vibe they wrote riff after riff for a few months until there were 5 songs ready to be released in the first half of 2022 as the EP “Bliss”.

For their first bigger release they teamed up with a beast of a producer, CABAL ́s Chris Kreutzfeldt, to give the whole thing the last few touches. A few weeks before the EP, Designed to Fail released the second single called “Delusion” and a music video for it, produced by Bricc Productions.

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