Behind The Artworks: A Crack In The Sky - A Tribute To William J Tsamis (2022)

This amazing artwork was created by the exceptional designer Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design who has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

The basic concept I had was that I wanted some kind of reference to “where it all started” back in 1983 with the cover of Warlord’s “Deliver Us” without it being the exact same thing or the same style. I wanted a more modern approach but at the same time when Warlord fans look at it to be able to understand what it’s in reference to. Also, given the theme of the original artwork (and in relation to this being a tribute album now), I hoped to be able to avoid turning this into something that’s too macabre or too sorrowful. There just had to be some glimpse of “light” or “optimism” if you like (for lack of a better word).

That’s why the female figure is still present there, looking young despite all the years that have passed since we last “saw” her. She’s again facing away from us but this time she’s facing towards another figure that’s emitting what looks like a powerful force towards the sky and thus tying everything together with the title (which is of course a line taken off the Warlord classic “Deliver Us From Evil”).

That figure obviously is none other than the great William J Tsamis. And he is not gone; he is very much alive…

Phivos Papadopoulos (Pitch Black Records)

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