Behind The Artworks: Hild - The Great Unrest (2022)

The collage consists of three images. We see a powerful Valkyrie depiction from the Tjängvide image stone, dated to 700-900 CE. She is put together with a present time picture of a rough, stony landscape to symbolise the timeless nature and how ancient times still resonate in our landscape. Past and present merging. The lightning storm separating them indicates the awesome power unleashed in the clash of opposing forces, the storming Valkyrie and the sudden shock of breaking through to other realities. Violent transformation. As it is put in the lyrics of Wodurida: ”A rift in reality”. Through which we can we percieve other forces and beings.

”The Great Unrest” refers to the notion that strife and war, in whatever form, seem to be constant and inevitable conditions in the middle world where we live now. Energy and matter rising from the clash of opposing complementary forces. No sleep for the hungry wolf.

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