Behind The Artworks: The Kanz - Stoned (Single) (2022)

1. Who designed the artwork?

The artwork was originally an idea that I (Fabio - lead singer/guitar player) had when thinking about a cover for the new upcoming single "Stoned". I explained the idea to Italian comic book artist Jacopo Vargiu and he designed the whole thing. From the first draft to the final drawing, everything went smoothly and I had a great time with Jacopo. Constant communication and exchange of ideas made this the best artwork ever possible for the song.

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

Since the song is about someone who is in love (and feels Stoned because of how much in love he is) but it's too shy to declare himself to his crush, I decided to represent this with a pug that looks completely high as f***. Next to him there is also a valentine box, chocolates open on the floor showing that he has eaten some of them instead of bringing them to his crush, ruined flowers that he was supposed to bring to his crush but he didn't because he's shy and there is also an ice glass bong to show that he got high to not think about the fact that he is kind of a loser. The eyes of the pug look quite wide open and looking straight (like he spaced out ahah). We used neon colours such as neon pink because these are the colours that best represent our music which blends punk rock and electronic EDM together.

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