Track By Tracks: Arktotus - Black Veins (2022)

The album is conceptual in that each track is like one tale, or a story from beginning to end. We see that it starts with an intro that carries the atmosphere and horror begins to be blocked. Next is a track called The Plague, the beginning of the death of the human race, offering sacrifices and bowing to idols, as a result, we awaken XI demons whose goal is to bring hatred and evil to the unpunished world, but they surpass their enemy. XI demons awaken the sacraments of evil, which was in the bowels of the universe, in order to inflict suffering with greater fury. After the dictatorship (your dictator) begins, he, as the chief himself, more and more subordinates to get up from his knees who is ready to stand under the black banner. The Black Veins are the vessels through which evil feeds and becomes stronger by killing those who resist. Further, black Veins filled with hatred from distant planets awaken the Lord of Darkness, who breaks the shackles, saving the black banner that has lost its way and gone astray. And the chaos of the underworld comes, which takes everything for itself, reviving that hunger, war, death and plague. Plague, death, war, famine carry the wind of death, finishing off everything living and vilely false, the wind gives a reward to death, it's like an ode and Outro there is no universe, sinners are erased and there is nothing darkness. End of ritual.

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