Track By Tracks: The Decayed - Corrupt Politicians Will Never Set You Free (2022)

1. Piece By Piece:

Inspired by old horror movies, this song is about a madman in love with his chainsaw and all the chaos that he can do with it. Hunting down victims and watching what happens.

2. Abandon Hope:

This song is about what happens when the devil comes to collect his bounty after an individual sells their soul for personal gain. Being dragged down to hell for eternal torment.

3. Desolate:

Directly influenced by the recent pandemic and the feeling of hopelessness and worry about the future. This song is about people believing everything the government tells them even though all the government is doing is using this chance to further control them.

4. A Fire Inside:

This is a song about coming back from a long stint of hopelessness and depression and giving all you have to try again and make your life meaningful and fulfilled. Give yourself hope again and a will to go on at any cost.

5. Bite The Bullet:

This is a song about being sick and tired of politicians and the government taking advantage of you and trying to control you. An anthem stating now’s the time to stop being lazy and rise up and fight the powers that are trying to hold you down.

6. Your Time Has Come:

About a previous American president, rhyming with the word, dump, and how he is unfit for his position and needs to be removed from office and how nowhere wants to hear anything he has to say.

7. The Old & The Dead:

A song about reflection on one’s life and the people who have come and gone within it. A struggle to live the daily grind and the realization we all get old and die.

8. One Last Ride:

This song is the story of a bank robber fleeing from police in their car and then getting into an accident. As the police approach, the robber unloads their gun resulting in the police firing back and killing them. The robber awakes in hell completely happy with how their life went and with no regrets. Rather be a king in hell than a peasant in heaven.

9. The Dream is Dead:

When a group of friends all shares the same dream and goal in life for so long, then all starts abandoning one another for self-interest leaving one to fend for themself and start all over again.

10. A Better Way:

A song about hating having to work a 9 to 5 job and struggling to make ends meet and getting drunk to forget the life in which you chose to live.

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