Track By Tracks: The Scum - The Hunger (2022)

Most parts of the lyrics of The Scum are directly or indirectly inspired by horror cinema and literature in the way that was made by bands as Necrophagia or the “Scream bloody gore” era of Death a minoritarian way of inspiration are some nightmares of the writer of the lyrics and terrible stuff that happens in the real world that surround us.

1. Winds of the end:

This song has a long prelude with riffs that made me think of an upcoming disaster. The riffs are joined by some dark growls that I start to make before I wrote the lyrics and made me imagine the menacing thunders before a global cataclysm. A universal storm that destroys the world and kills all living beings.

2. I drink your blood and I eat your skin:

The title of this song is the same as two old movies that used to show in a rotative way in the auto cinemas of The USA in the seventies. Both movies are about cannibal killers in I drink your blood the killers are infected with rabid and in I eat your skin are a kind of zombie. The lyrics describe the feelings and thoughts of one of these killers meanwhile is chasing a victim.

3. Burial:

This song is about a guy that is buried alive and wakes up inside a casket without remembering what happened to him. I was inspired loosely by the short story “The premature burial” by Edgar Allan Poe.

4. One of them:

This is based on movies and stories about haunted places filled with evil spirits, demons, etc. Someone is stalked by the spirits and is killed by them later he transforms into one of the dark creatures that infest the house.

5. The hunger:

This one is about werewolves. An infected person who for a long time has been a werewolf is trying to escape the disease by running away from his territory but soon is falling again into his curse and starts the killing again.

The illustration on the front cover depicts the killing of the first victim after the frustrated escape of the monster.

6. Withering faith:

This lyric is about a monk that is losing his faith and is feeling tempted by the dark side of spirituality when the time of his death is near.

7. The seal:

Based directly on the Lucio Fulci movie “The beyond” As many people know this movie is about a book called the “Eibon that has the power to open the gates of hell and unleash the hell on the earth. Classic stuff!!!

8. The death of light:

This is about a satanic cult that wants to begin a demonic war against humanity and is preparing a massive number of random genocidal attacks. Their only objective is to spread the darkness upon the earth.

9. Redemption:

Describes the thoughts of a serial killer that is stalking a woman alone in her house and is anticipating the grizzly things that he will do. The murderer thinks that he will give redemption to the woman for the sins that she has committed in her life.

10. Rogue:

This lyric is directly based on “Creep” a 2004 film directed by Cristopher Smith that is about a horrifyingly deformed cannibal killer that lives in the London subway and kidnaps victims tortures them and later eats them. Nice story !!!!!!

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