Track By Tracks: Sijjeel - Salvation Within Insanity (2022)

1. Isolation Behind Unrealism:

The song talks about the passage of this person in isolation from the outside world, because of the illusions that begin to dominate him in that he cannot integrate with the outside society. From the musical point of view, it begins with a melody that inspires you with that solitude, then begins the accelerating tunes that make you feel those illusions and psychological struggles that this person is facing, and at the end of the song comes a clip that makes you feel psychological defeat and complete submission to what is coming later.

2. Inverted Contentment in Salvation:

In this song, we see the reflection of that isolation beginning to take shape in its initial form, which is hate. And the hatred of the people around him. As this hatred is just a justification for what he believes is salvation for the suffering he is going through. From a musical point of view, the song is fast-paced and sequential with parts that make you feel the spirit of hatred he is experiencing.

3. The Affliction of Deteriorating Minds:

In this song, in the third stage, helplessness and silence begin. Where hatred accumulates on him and then he begins to partially collapse into silence, and from there, his imaginations begin to increase in the way of getting rid of these burdens. On the musical side, the parts are combined quickly and slowly, explaining to the listener, in both cases, silence and helplessness.

4. Mental Paralysis:

At this stage, this person begins to feel an existential emptiness, where there is no sense of guilt or awareness, no existence, just the hollow he is now. From the musical point of view, the song is composed of accelerated and complex parts that explain the hollow in which this person lives. Complex times at the end of the song explain this mental paralysis.

5. Climbing Into the Abyss:

The drowsiness part begins, as his successive attempts to break out of his darkness take a dangerous, wrong course. Where he found the last way out and salvation, which is submission to his inhuman lusts and corrupt desires. From the musical side, the song is fast with a repetitive rhythm, the listener feels those desperate moments and attempts, to the middle part with an evil melody that makes you feel the moment he wakes up to the eternal evil in him, then the last part comes with a faster rhythm to explain his acceptance of those desires.

6. Departing From Human Nature:

In this song, we begin to witness the beginning of intellectual abuse due to the successive traumas on his psyche, as this person begins to search for ways to take him to the side that is comfortable for him. But his side is not that bright side, no, it's a darker side, black and bloody. The song begins, with that melody that makes you feel that out of human nature, then the fast part raises the listener to the level of tearing from the body to a violent drop in the song that makes you feel stone and its weight on the listening ears, then at the end of it is a dirty part and melodies intertwined with an accelerating and slow rhythm explains the dirty side of that person.

7. Indignation Overcame Me:

Here the acceptance of this person begins to go mad, and we see him confusing his rational self through his irrational self and explaining to her what he wants and blaming her for leaving him in his struggles alone. Music, accelerating rhythms and heaviness in the melody, the listener feels the blame and the discourse between the two minds, to the middle position with an accelerating complex rhythm, then the last part of the song with a heavy and more complex rhythm that makes you feel the madness that this person has reached.

8. Inflection To Thee Smut:

In the end, here is the explanation or justification of the sick mind for what it has reached of madness, submission to vice, and obscenity, a buried obsession that may emerge in any weak soul. From the musical side, the song begins with a sick and ugly melody creeping up, making you in that position among the feelings of the mentally ill, with a confused rhythm that makes the listener feel neither safe nor mentally comfortable. Then sections fragmentary between landing and calm and speed. In the middle part, comes a part of it of sickening and melody. At the end of the song, we begin to enter a spot with a tempo, middle tempo, a scrambled cadence, and a sick melody full of evil.

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