Track By Tracks: VULNIFICUS - INVOCATION (2022)


The artwork behind INVOCATION was done by Pileworm Guttural Art. He did the cover of our first EP, so it only felt right to have him again. The beast on the cover of the artwork is symbolic of the authority of the powers that be in society and the blade in its hand is symbolic of the effects of mainstream and social media. The depiction is supposed to be the changing and metamorphosis that happens to humanity when we ingest too many of these things to addictive levels but the beast is always in control. The songs within INVOCATION outline the levels with which we change through societal influence, not because we want to do so, but because we are being engineered and invoked to make change without knowing.

2. The Viral Virus:

This track is a double entendre. The song lyrically is about social media addiction and how the desperate need to become popular or viral is the virus itself. It spreads and everyone copies whatever is trendy for the time, so they're always glued to their phone. Social media in the present day has transformed into a place where we're searching for a new trending topic. However, in the quest to become popular, we neglect the consequences it has on us mentally and physically. ("Exploitation of human nature, severance of individuality")

3. Coerced Into Compliance:

Perhaps the most straightforward lyrically of the bunch, this song was written while mandates were given out. Once again, following the theme of engineered societal transformation, this track takes a more psychological approach. ("We feast on the morals of the innocent") I wanted to highlight the idea of groupthink and the detriment of going along with people's say, without using critical thinking skills to come to your own conclusions.

4. Instigated Indignation:

This track is about how those in power use the aforementioned mass and social media to instigate the anger that already exists in society under the surface to get to their targeted goal. The riots of 2020 were the inspiration behind it. I follow the social media theme again, focusing on the hubris of people who outwardly are arrogant in their virtue signaling but when they're alone with their thoughts, they are silently suffering. ("Loathing, internally (I know no other way)
Zealous, externally… (What happens to the truth?")

5. The Incredulous Invocation:

The closing track on the album, this song outlines when the populace finally wakes up to the lies around them and begin to fight for what's just because they realize the truth in their daily lives. ("Incredulous, to the betrayal and treachery").

If there's any theme that's given constantly in this record it's to wake up and don't believe everything that's shown to us. We have to take the time to process situations so that we can come to the right decisions. Something that's desperately needed today....

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