Band Biographies: Ovtlier

Honing in on a modern sound while consistently setting itself apart from the mainstream, Ovtlier (pronounced "Outlier") has prided itself in creating exemplary rock and metal music backed by a rapidly growing fan base. Led by enigmatic frontman Joey Arena, Ovtlier has earned more than 3 million views of fan-curated content on YouTube and over 3 million streams on Spotify, in addition to capturing the hearts of over 60K followers online. All of this combined with the band's ability to sell out shows and engage their audience, Ovtlier has achieved features in major media outlets such as Revolver, Loudwire, Alternative Press, Decibel, and ABC News. Continually hitting the Billboard charts, Ovtlier has been able to spread their sound nationwide through constant spins on FM radio and months of the regular rotation on SiriusXM Octane- launching them into the forefront of their genre.

Ovtlier capitalizes on their songwriting formula to develop a hybrid-like sound, drawing influences from a myriad of rock and metal sub-genres to help attract a wide variety of listeners. The band unveils their freedom to create musically through their latest releases; the fiery, high-speed "Bulletproof" resides on one end of the Ovtlier spectrum, whereas "All I Need" takes the audience in the opposite, more moderately paced and balladesque direction. Regardless, what remains apparent through the band's entire discography is Arena's meaningful lyrics, musical prowess, and his drive to bring Ovtlier straight to the top.

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