Band Biographies: Stinkbrute

Stinkbrute is a project that started at the end of 2020, composed solely by Bernardo Rebelo, also known as the drummer for the band Crimson Bridge, for his Experimental Black Metal project Shrouded Serenity and his featuring in the UK Grindcore band Midrift Guillotine as one of the vocalists. Since the early demos, the premise of the project was to do heavy, grindy, and disgusting music, which led to its being categorized as a mix between Death Metal and Grindcore.

Throughout 2021 the project remained unannounced as the first album was being composed and recorded. In 2022, Stinkbrute joined the roster of the newly founded label Slaughter Industry Records, the label was created with Bernardo Rebelo’s metal projects in mind and general content relating to metal.

As the project gets announced, the first single, along with its music video, was released, “Cow Molesters”, the video is composed of graphic depictions of the dairy industry taken from documentaries like Dominion. Musically this single sets the tone for the announced debut album, with elements from Slamming Brutal Death Metal and New-School Grindcore with screeching and growling vocals. Other singles from the album were released around this time, such as, “Into The Acid They Went”, “Grinders Dream” and “Pigs Wear Ties, Humans Wear Murder”.

Stinkbrute’s Debut album “The Gruesome Exchange Of Bodily Fluids That Turned Into A Bile Duct Titan” premiered on SLAM WORLDWIDE and all major streaming services on the 14th of May 2022.

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