Track By Tracks: Slanderus - Absorbing Infinity (2022)

1. Tectonic plates:

An attempt to outline the twisted nature of our own treatment of ourselves. We abuse ourselves profusely, and I wanted to elaborate on what we're doing to ourselves.

2. Absorbing Infinity:

When we acknowledge the inevitably of our own demise we truly begin to live. By embracing the finite we can also embrace the infinite. We understand our eternal spirit.

3. Cobra Kai:

Understanding your own shortcomings and embracing your weakness is the ultimate form of strength. Understanding that you are vulnerable, beatable, bleedable can give rise to an appreciation of life.

4. Find your Lifeline:

To live, tell the truth and live virtuously is to truly be strong. The path to virtue is to be found within, The treacherous journey into our own dark soul is where we can find liberation.

5. Omen:

A cry to the heavens in a dark hour. Life is suffering, and sometimes we feel we are inadequate. Desperation leads us to look to the stars for guidance.

6. Espiritu:

To love is difficult, You must embrace a person's suffering, and go through it with them. It is to engage in hell together through the murky waters of our own existence.

7. A small sacrifice:

To dedicate oneself whole heartedly is the ultimate form of bliss, Even if you feel you fall short, and you may feel this way. Give love your all and never give up.

8. Absolution:

Understand that your desires result from our own suffering. Our desires can be satiated with our understanding of our world within. Everything is experienced first in our world within. Then we project onto the outside world. You don't need to look outside of yourself for peace. It was within you this whole time.

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