Track By Tracks: Cruentus - Fossilized (2022)

1. Ascending (instrumental):

2. The Catalyst:

This one is about a man’s legacy and having debts to pay because of his ancestors. No matter what you do, your past is always there...

3. Nihil Ultra:

There's a path that we all shall wander. An imminent journey to infinity. Some say to the great below and some to the great above. The hopes are high, and the excuses are many as we dissolve into nothingness.

4. Mot Alltets Slut:

It’s about an inescapable end. An end that’s there waiting. Lurking. Patiently. Life’s only promise is just around the corner.

5. The Lost Ones:

The most evolved being on earth is the human. It is also the easiest to manipulate, and it takes only a few ill-disposed minds to pull the right strings to create irreversible chaos.

6. Prey:

It's about man's constant striving for conquering. The blind persistence through other men's suffering and an unreachable goal. A timeless and always current subject.

7. Relentless Scourge:

Another apocalyptic hymn. We’re doomed.

8. Averted Reality:

Sometimes there are opportunities to just throw everything that you are used to and know to let a new chapter begin. Whether the spark has slowly built up or recently occurred there is a cleansing feeling of letting yourself go into the wild and unexplored.

9. Doldrums:

An invitational to a man’s deepest darkness. Pitch dark reality mixed with inner struggles.

10. Primordial Reprisal:

Ancient vengeance comes to life as nature claims its revenge.

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