Track By Tracks: Dez Dare - Ulysses Trash (2022)

1. They Scream, My Head is so Full I Can't Dream:

The birth of the 24 hour news cycle and the introduction of social media feeds have filled our eyes and brains to the point of exhaustion. We are screaming out for silence.

2. Tyrannosaurus Shake:

My father always taught me you need a strong handshake, I have always hated them. The wide variety of shakes have always been of interest to me. The damp. The grip. The fingers only. Then there is what I like to call, the Tyrannosaurus Shake. When one dips their fingers downward, pinching the top fingers of the shakee. This sends shivers up my spine. Just like the little claw hands of the terrifying beast it is named after. I think the pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity to do away with this archaic tradition and simply say no! No more!!

3. Bloody Sea, Holy Fuck:

Our seas are dying and still the leaders at Cop 26 were bowing to fossil fuel lobbiests. Go. Team. 

4. Ulysses 195:

This song is a rallying cry to work together, speak to each other and fight closed minds. Our leaders have failed us. The conservative movements continue to rally behind dictator-like leaders, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. The leftists argue amongst themselves, rarely securing the support of the public. Both sides are at fault in their own ways, our wrathful leaders, smiling while twisting the knife. We need to remind them who they work for.

5. (Sweet) Exhaustion: 

The exhaustion of being Autistic, to feel numb and battered at the same time. The tiniest of days, feel like the largest of challenges. Finding solace in loneliness.


Religion has always confused me. I was raised Catholic for a while. It wasn't for me. I find the concept of faith difficult. How to believe in the intangible? The concept of heaven, even more baffling. I remember being asked in school whether I believed, and when I said no, the brother asked whether I wanted to see my family and friends in heaven when I died. This scared the fuck out of me and I said "no, 80 years is more than enough thanks". We are animals, like all other organic life. We are a part of the entire universe down to the molecular level and reach far into the galaxy and beyond. We have little time before we are absorbed back into the quanta, so we should all take a breath, understand our place and stop hoping for a magical life beyond. Surely being a part of this massive and beautiful cosmos is amazing enough? Do we really need more?

7. Trashin':

Pop music and politics share the same mechanism. Find a facile formula, and repeat ad infinitum. Short-term gain, long-term pain.

8. Claws:

Clawing yourself through the day, fighting the voices in your head and the choices you face. Outrage, Metrics, Mechanics, Death: Every work day in 2021.

9. Deciphering Momentum:

Time is relative to your proximity to mass. Does this mean it is dishonest? Or are we narcissists, believing all things revolve around us? Fuck it, we think too much. We just matter. Beautiful decaying matter.

10. Pomp:

Being famous for the sake of it is strange. It doesn’t help our community with a balanced view of reality, nor does it help the person with fleeting fame. Maybe they should learn a trick as well… juggling maybe?

11. Quanta-fied:

We are built from the same elements that our universe was created from and that is where we go back to once we have burnt bright.

12. Rampage-on-Hi: 

The powerful prey on the people of faith, not necessarily religious, the people who follow the blind. Our world is weaker for the lack of conversation, but we have never talked. This is a statement, not a question. No solution is offered, just a view.

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