Track By Tracks: ELEKTRIC MISTRESS - Chapter 99 (2022)

The EP as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

High-energy psychedelic heartache with some witchcraft! We're not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything here; we're just trying to write the best songs that we can. The EP is a banger straight through; there's really no spacey stuff on this one, maybe except for the middle break in Radio. Lyrically I think we go by the motto WWBSD (What would Black Sabbath do?); The general heavy music concepts of madness, the occult, the dangers of substance abuse, lost love, etc. A lot of our lyrics we find mix these concepts with stuff about the experience of playing live on the stage and the music business in general.


1. Magic Dust:

Pure stoner rock. Also, a tasty organ solo in the middle. It's about two people embarking on a romantic psychedelic trip together for the first time.

2. Radio:

A song about how music or a song brings back memories of past relationships. Our most Black Sabbath-type riff, for sure. Riley came up with the main riff on this one.

3. Cocaine Johnny:

It's a fun and high-energy song with some dark lyrics about addiction. Cocaine's a hell of a drug! Purple worship is pure and simple. Just tuned a lot lower. This one was written by Maxwell pretty much entirely.

4. Chapter 99:

It's a great time! It's a party and everyone’s invited, even the dead! People have been trying to connect the dead since the beginning of time, via seances, spells, and Oujia boards. A stomper for sure. Hopefully, it gets people moving.

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