Track By Tracks: Gates To The Morning - Wall Between Worlds (2022)

1. King Obscure:

Several of the tracks on this album are re-imaginations of songs from our debut album “Return To Earth” and King Obscure is one of them. It is also the opener on our debut album, but this time a bit different. The song is similar to the original debut, but put through a more psychedelic kind of lens with added elements, most notably a lot of percussions. We start the album off with something very familiar, yet strangely different.

2. Piscean Daydream:

Full disclosure, I wrote Piscean Daydream while sitting on the couch with my girlfriend while casually watching the Bears vs Eagles in the playoffs back in 2018. Its a really simple chord progression that I fell in love with and I thought it really captured a dreamy kind of Piscean, melancholic escapist type of vibe.

3. Moon In the Mid-Day Sky:

This was literally a song that came to me in a dream in April 2020. It may sound like bullshit but it’s the only time that has ever happened to me. In the dream, I was at a concert with all my friends and after whatever band we were watching finished, this song came on as the intermission music. I turned to one of my friends next to me in the dream and I said “This is the next Gates to the Morning song.” I woke up and lay in bed way too long. Finally, my girlfriend told me to go downstairs and record the idea before I forget, so I did. I went down and laid down chords to the melody I heard in the dream immediately. It was the easiest time I’ve ever had writing a song and the finished product sounds exactly what I heard in my dream, which is pretty wild.

4. Paradigms Fall:

I mentioned earlier that there are a lot of re-imaginations and re-arrangements of songs from the debut album, but this track is actually a re-imagination of a song that will be on our next album AFTER “Walk Between Worlds.” That next album (fully composed but yet to be recorded) is very heavy. So this version of the song is actually a sort of “unplugged” version of a really heavy song that has been set to be released, but will appear on the next album after “Walk Between Worlds.”


Sacrament is the only song on the album that I did not compose. MPMD (who had a huge musical role as well as engineering/mixing the album) wrote this song and it fit so well with the overall theme of the album. I love this song because it really encapsulates our time together writing this record. It was a really personal experience between the three of us making this music. It was the first time I’ve ever really kind of “lived” an album with a band and had such an organic creative process.

6. Chapel Perilous:

Chapel Perilous is a song from “Return to Earth” that just fit too well on this album not to recreate. It’s pretty similar to the album version but with added percussion and a few other elements to add some atmospheric elements and put it under a more kind of psychedelic lens.

7. Chasing Shadows:

Chasing Shadows continues the “Return To Earth” recreation saga, except this song is more drastically rearranged, substituting in an array of percussion instruments instead of the full drum set, and very much taking an “unplugged” sort of vibe to the entire tune by incorporating more acoustic instruments.

8. Terra Incognita:

Yet another recreation from “Return To Earth”… Taking what is a pretty heavy and black metal-inspired tune from the debut and putting it into an unplugged setting, we juxtaposed even the heaviest moments from the song with acoustic guitars and lighter percussion instead of blast beats.

9. Return To Earth:

This one completes the saga of tunes from our debut and is once again a more unplugged type of recreation the tune, and this time with male vocals. It follows up the quiet ferocity of the previous track with some tenderness. The main theme then segues into a forlorn kind of reprise using a similar chord progression, but very unique to this particular arrangement of the song.

10. Fortress (Piscean Reprise):

This tune we wrote completely spontaneously, in a sort of improvised setting. We were noodling around with the chord progression of “Piscean Daydream” and we just came up with this right away, on the spot. You can see clips of the whole process that we put up on Instagram at one point. It was the one tune that we all wrote together from scratch, and it has a really cool vibe and serves as a kind of mystical and dramatic ending to the album.

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