Track By Tracks: Horned Wolf - Become Like They Are (2022)

1. You're Boring:

There's a reason this song is the opening track on the album. When you hear that cold beer crack you know it's on! This track starts off with a kick right in the teeth but eventually does give you a bit of a break with a beautiful interlude. But buckle up because you're going to get kicked in the teeth again by the end of the track.


Talk about stoner doom! The intro riff is sure to hit you right where it hurts. Bloodlines mix many of Horned Wolf's influences into one track while staying true and original. You'll hear a bit of Sabbath and Maiden worship mixed in with some cool slightly driven 70's style riffs. Sav's voice also sets this track apart.

3. Charnel House:

Charnel House starts off very somber. You can really feel the emotion that went into the songwriting for this track. The raw power of Sav's voice really sets things apart. Coupled with some sick leads (widdly doo's) this early Horned Wolf song is sure to send you on a journey through the catacombs of your mind.

4. Drag the Bayou:

This track is pure Horned Wolf! It is actually one of the very first Horned Wolf songs written and we are very happy to have it on the album. It's had a bit of a facelift since the first iteration but the roots are all still there. Soaring leads, coupled with intense vocals, driving bass, and pounding drums. You're sure to get a taste of who (or what) a Horned wolf is.

5. Become Like They Are:

The title track for the album and song for Horned Wolf's music video, Become Like They Are is a perfect example of what sets this band apart. You will hear all sorts of styles mixed masterfully into one dynamic and driving song. It was actually mostly written at the beginning of quarantine when the band could not get together and practice but nonetheless, this track slays with deep lyrical content, fast guitars, and even a nice slow clean riff. The title is an homage to one of the greatest songs of all time, "Don't Fear The Reaper".


Hard-hitting and relentless from the get-go, Host is a beautiful heavy mix of fast (almost dare I say punk) style drums and beautiful harmonized guitar. Just listen to those sinister-sounding laughs from Sav, you know this song is a hoot.

7. Every Creatures Luck Runs Dry (Doom Forever):

Last and certainly not least, ECLRD, or "Doom Forever" as we in the band call it closes out the album with a bang! This track is often used as the last song of the night during Horned Wolf's live shows and for good reason. You really get a good mix of sick almost thrash riffs mixed with one of the doomiest riffs that go on and on and is shredded all over. With a guest guitar solo from none other than Kansas City's own Robby Ray, this track really rounds out the album.

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