Track By Tracks: One Mind Ministry - Gates Of Time (2022)

Gates of Time (Album):

The whole album does not follow a certain concept, since the tracks have been written over several years. In general, all tracks are centered on topics that question mankind and existence in general and set our little existence in relation to the universe.

It's centered on the title track Gates of Time, since it represents our sound and the vibe the best. 

1. No Funeral:

Fearsom Völva, who use their power to curse all mankind and destroy them. (Völva are Viking witches!) Her Shadows: It´s about Lilith, the very self-confident, strong-minded woman who was chased out from heaven. The idea of the woman scares the deepest part of men´s psyche.

2. Beholder:

The moment you found peace with yourself and your place in this universe - as you fall and pass away you will see the world through the eye of the beholder.

3. Revelation:

War of the evils against God and his army. The union of the evils raises their might to devastate god´s army.

4. Gates of Time:

The world between his world and the other side. Sights of those dead souls drift in the endless cosmos.

5. Eidolon:

Eidolon is greek and means a delusion. Is that what we are exposed to every second of time?

6. Silence:

The deepest inside of one´s soul. Darkness, coldness, and yet lonesome side of the mind.

7. Loss of Grace:

The questioning of our existence "I am the fear - I am all - I am nothingness“ we can be all or nothing in this universe.

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