Band Biographies: Epinikion

Epinikion is a symphonic metal band settled in Belgium. The band was founded in 2020 by Renate de Boer on keys and Robert Tangerman on guitar. The lineup is completed by Eleonora Damiano on vocals. Levent Gasgil and Emre Demir joined on lead guitar and bass to complete the album. For the live shows, Rico Snel (ex Adversarius) will join on lead guitar, besides Rusad Hassan (ex Aeternitas) on bass and Joeri Warmerdam (Phantom Elite) on drums.

After Robert and Renate had ended their topsport careers, Robert came up with the idea to do something in music. The combination of his electric guitar and Renate’s classical piano almost naturally lead to the choice of symphonic metal music. As a band name, they chose ‘Epinikion’, which means ‘hymne for the winner’. In Ancient Greece, the heroic stories of athletes were sung in an epinikion after their victories at significant events. A phoenix was added to the band logo, as a sign of athletes resurrected from their ashes as musicians. As a result of the passion and sports mentality of Robert and Renate, the band evolved rapidly. It gave rise to the need for professional music production. From the beginning, Epinikion combined heavy guitar riffs with subtle progressive and heavy metal influences, complete with harmonic and bombastic orchestral lines. The typical Epinikion sound is described as ‘epic, cinematic with captivating melodic lines. Refreshing symphonic metal with a personal twist’.


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