Behind The Artworks: Awaken The Misogynist - Descended From Vast Dimensions (2022)

The story behind the album art for our upcoming album "Descended from Vast Dimensions" is something that came together is such an absolute perfect fashion! So it all starts with the name. That's a line from "Resurrection I" the first of the 2 songs that defined our art and album name. In the story between the two songs, we find our wicked alchemist crafting a wretched vessel for a demon of death to take over.

"Sewn together bodies pile all around awaiting me
They are part of my unholy resurrection of my master
Descending from vast dimensions, I have cast a host for thee
As I finally slit my own throat, The corpses rise up"

With that established as the album name, we reached out to the amazing Armaada Art to really flesh out our design. We had the idea to take the visual themes of "Resurrection II" and present them to see if our vision aligned. After sending in a childish sketch done by Jameson with a description, Armaada felt the vibes perfectly and knocked it out of the park delivering something that was way beyond our expectations and really made the album feel person to us!

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