Behind The Tracks: Fox Lake - Gaslight (Single) (2022)

Off the heels of a successful tour with Guerilla Warfare, Denver-based hardcore hip-hop band Fox Lake release “Gaslight.” This track marks the second single from their dual-track EP Fear & Loathing; while their previous single “Dog Eat Dog” represented fear, “Gaslight” represents loathing. The vicious track features a roaring vocal performance by Marc Zelli from Paleface, all while seamlessly melding the brutality of modern hardcore with the rhythmic aggression of hip-hop that Fox Lake are known for. Lyrically, it shines a light on the deep-rooted frustration of questioning your reality and being gaslit: “Gaslight is our heaviest and meanest song to date. The anger that comes from questioning your own reality, whether that comes from external or internal forces, is very hard to deal with and that’s what we wanted to tackle in this song. We’re so thankful to Zelli from Paleface for hopping on the track and absolutely killing it. He brought a level of intensity to the song that simply couldn’t have existed coming from anyone else.” - Fox Lake

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