Interviews About Albums: Malfested - Unethical Creations (2022)

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

'Unethical Creations' is our second release to date. We released it on June 10th, 2022... The funny thing is, our release show was only our second gig since the band's creation in early 2020. Covid really changed the game a bit! But we won't ever complain about those lockdowns. It provided the time required to build up this band. We released our first EP 'Shallow Graves' on November 2nd, 2020. Thinking Covid would be done shortly after its release. We were so young and stupid back then.. haha the first Ep actually tells a story divided into 6 chapters (songs) and with the second EP, we chose to do the same. 5 songs this time but longer songs and each mingles together without a real moment of silence. It's only 5 songs but it's over 27 minutes so you still get your fair share of death metal on this record. We released it through Necktwister, a fairly young underground label from our home country Belgium. The person running the show seems really passionate and driven, just like us! Now that we've unleashed our beast upon the world of underground metal, we're anxiously awaiting feedback. We've taken a lot of liberties on this record! Metalheads are a passionate bunch and thus you can never please them all... But the first reviews are mostly positive which fuels us to keep on existing and especially fuels us to hit the stage.

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

There are 2 ways you can look at the title... As we said before, the whole EP tells a story. It's about a mad genius who's shunned from the world of science because of his unethical ways. Feeling constricted by the rules set upon him by "lesser" men, he decided to create monsters in an underground lab. Those monsters spread carnage and disease throughout the story. So the monsters are the "unethical creations" but the "unethical creations" could also refer to our songs which we release upon the world... though we would never describe ourselves as geniuses... haha just a bunch of passionate metalheads past our prime.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

Our guitarist Niels has written every single riff on this record. He previously played hardcore for over 10 years and claims he's overcompensating for all the shit he couldn't do in a hardcore band. The type of hardcore we play around Kortrijk, Belgium is all about a heavy breakdown and some singalong parts. Don't get me wrong, it's a great subgenre but it lacks diversity, and just to say it like it is... 'Unethical Creations" certainly does not lack diversity one bit! Other members of the band also have other projects so it's a luxury to have 1 capable man take the role of songwriter upon himself. Although every input by any member is appreciated... it's mostly his work on this one.

4. If you have to pick one song, which one would you pick?

This is a very difficult question we also had to ask ourselves when we had to choose our first single! We decided to shoot the video for 'The Abhorrent Arise'. We guess it's the most catchy one... The title track 'Unethical Creations' is our most diverse and our singer Arne made a nice lyric video for this one afterward. In fact, he also edited the other clip. We're a real DIY band. but a lot of us really love 'Last Light of a Dying Ember', there are a lot of doom parts on this one as it concludes the album and thus the very grim story. those parts create a lot of atmospheres! But honestly, there's no filler on this record. We stand behind every one of these songs.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

What was supposed to be a harmless horror story did turn out to have a gloomy subplot or social annotation... When the people in our story are confronted with devastation, sadness, and despair, they don't turn to each other for solace or strength... Well, some do, but they are the future victims of the opportunistic assholes who use the chaos to thrive and taste the forbidden fruits. They become monsters themselves as there is no law to stop them! It's like a George Romero movie... In the end, mankind is its own worst enemy.

6. Are there some lyrics that you´d love to share?

Honestly... All of them! It's a great story and you should read it front to back. But there are some snippets we are especially proud of. "Staring at the gruesome shapes floating in amniotic fluid motionless entities – growing in artificial wombs machines indicate their beating hearts – fast, like in restless dreams The silence before the violence – the long breath before the screams When their eyes flick open – they will clench their fists They will be born with hunger and unquenchable bloodthirst!" "Driven by fear – mankind’s civil veil burns down An instinct to survive – starts fires in every little town Opportunities for the wicked – a chance to rape and loot The eyes of the law are shut – a time to taste the forbidden fruit we fall apart! The cold claw of terror has corrupted our hearts No better than beasts – too many wolves amongst the sheep Global mental depravity – too scared to go to sleep" "Words can’t describe a parents pain to surrender their child unto the flames an empty vessel for the monsters - yet their child all the same"

7. Which inspirations haven been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thanks specially?

There are few sources of inspiration. We usually don't need a big push to get us going. We've been creating metal and horror stories since our teenage years and we never stopped doing it ever since we started... It comes naturally to us and it was about damn time we explored our inner death metal. Whenever we watch a great live band, we feel the itch to start playing ourselves. We could give you a list of our favorite bands and it would vary between old school to new school types of death metal. Every decade has its diamonds! Just to name some; Edge of Sanity, Vader, Bloodbath, Death, Cradle of Filth, All Shall perish, Whitechapel, ... We usually don't like summing up our favorite bands because people would think we try to copy their style. I'd like to think we don't sound anything like those bands.... or maybe just a little... haha You be the judge!

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