Interviews About Albums: Sunrunner - Sacred Arts Of Navigation (2022)

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

The album ‘Sacred Arts Of Navigation’ is somewhat of a continuation of the previous album, ‘Ancient Arts Of Survival’. The 2 records share similar lyrical themes of our ancestor’s knowledge of survival and the ability to navigate the world but are set in the future beyond our technology. Although these are not concept albums as each track stands alone, a lot of the songs have this commonality. We feel that learning the old-world skills of the past may be life-saving in the near future. And in the future, people have both.

‘Sacred Arts Of Navigation’ is also musically similar in style to the previous record. But this time the songs are a little less epic and more consistent. Shorter, more to the point. We tried to not let the songs get away while writing them, which took discipline as we are used to just letting songs go wherever. We wanted the songs to be more concise. And they are. Even the “progressive” side of the music we tried to balance out. The goal was to keep the odd time signatures and weird key changes subtle. They are still there, although you might not realize you are listening to a song that is mostly in 7/8 time with a weird modulation in the chorus. Like the first track ‘Promise Of Gold’. There is some weird stuff in that song, even though it seems normal!

There is also a couple light-hearted rock songs, harkening to the ‘Never Say Die’ era of Black Sabbath. I love that album. It’s not a very dark one. But it is fun and extremely pleasant to listen to. So we thought we would give writing a song or two like that a shot. And then there is a love ballad, which is new for us. Influenced by Latin bands down in Mexico that plays love songs while you sip on tequila and beer in an outdoor street bar!

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

It means there is an art to navigation. Hopefully, it is never lost. It is a sacred skill that should be passed down generations for the entire existence of man. Until the end. However long that may be. Hopefully a very long time!

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

I write most of the songs, but I leave them incomplete. I try not to write a song 100% through. I like having Ted or Dave get involved. Ted is especially good at arrangements and theory. Not bad for a drummer! He will hear the parts of the songs I am having trouble with or I am not too happy with. He usually comes up with really interesting ways of fixing things after I have exhausted all my ideas. So in the end, most of the songs become a group effort.

4. If you have to pick one song, which one would you pick?

Hmmm… a tough one. ‘Faraway Worlds’ came out fantastic. ‘Where Is My Home’ is the most pleasing seventies rock song we wrote. ‘Dragonship’ is really fun to play. And ‘Navigating The Apocalypse’ showcases our adventurous side. I guess I would pick ‘Navigating the Apocalypse’. It really has all the different elements and is epic. It also is one of the songs that give us the “prog” label.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

The message behind the album is a sort of vision of the future. That mix of primitive skills and ancient wisdom with that of a scientific brain. Laser guns and wigwams, throwing sticks and computers, survival, navigation, and space travel. I feel that someday people will have gravitated toward the old ways, even though we are moving further into the future. In the best-case scenario, I think one would become a total warrior by combining these things in the future. You could hunt, build a shelter, survive, and thrive in any condition or landscape. While flying around in your land speeder or something! Worst case scenario, there will be an apocalypse and you will NEED those survival skills! So either way, it is important stuff. And fun to learn! Especially if you are feeling a little bored in your life. Get out into the wilderness.

6. Are there some lyrics that you´d love to share?

That depends on my mood. We have mysterious lyrics, dark lyrics, positive…all kinds. But I’m feeling this one which is a bit angrier. ‘Invisible Demon of Ideology’

WITCHHUNT! None are safe there’s a reckoning for those who defy us

CENSORED! I’d hold on to that tongue if I were you

POSESSED! Impostor of cunning controlling your mind

BEWITCHED! Twisting your love to our code, a service we will provide

Don’t you see your mind is born to be free? No easy answers Casting stones, your noble mob will see. A demon blinds you

It starts with the heart, We remove the strings
Attach them to my finger tips
Then onto the mind, We hijack the soul
And curse it with your lips
Your pride feeds me, You don’t even see me
Your will reduced to zero
You parrot our words, It’s somewhat absurd
To think that you’re the hero
Maybe you don’t believe it’s true
I faced the demon, when I thought like you
Don’t you see your mind is born to be free? No easy answers
Casting stones, your noble mob will see. A demon blinds you
Don’t you see, you’re the one who holds the key
A stolen freedom!

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

My daughter Rayna and my beloved Kathleen. Having a child really unveils the curtain to a whole new way of looking at the world. What a blessing. I mean, I had an idea that having a kid would be great and add a new dimension to my life. But when you hold your baby for the first time, everything changes. It is much deeper than I imagined. And now my two ladies our my newest inspiration when writing music. In fact, I can put my baby to sleep when I’m working out riffs on the electric guitar. Something about the grit, distortion, and vibrations puts her out for a nap every time!

8. Something to add?

Give us a listen. Like us on social media for updates. And ultimately, come see us! We cannot wait to hit the road and play for our fans! And thank you for the interview.

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