Interviews About Albums: Svar - Under A Sky Full Of Thunder (2022)

In this new interview, we sat down with the Polish Black Metal project Svar to ask some questions about his new album "Under A Sky Full Of Thunder" which has been released on the 6th of July. 

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

“Under a Sky Full of Thunder” is a concept album dedicated to the Slavic god of thunder, Perun. Each track tells a story related to Perun or lightning beliefs. Musically it is melodic black metal with lyrics focused on Slavic paganism.

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

When I came up with the name of this album, in my mind I had land, where the god of thunder is worshipped. I think that is how this name can be understood.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

Svar is a one-man project, so everything, from composing to recording, mixing, and mastering, was done by me.

4. If you have to pick one song, which one would you pick?

I think it would be “Sanctified by the lightning”. It is the catchiest of the tracks on the EP and, in my opinion, has the best solo. Also in terms of vocals, I think this is my best performance on this EP.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

The entire album is dedicated to the Slavic god of thunder, Perun. Is there another message behind it? I wouldn't say so. Each song tells a story that makes sense, but I wouldn't look for a hidden meaning or some greater truth there. These lyrics are mostly based on folk tales and, in the case of the first song, on historical events.

6. Are there some lyrics that you´d love to share?

The track "Downfall" tells the story of the fall of paganism in Kievan Rus. "Luminous, lethal force" is some idea about the way the storm was perceived as a supernatural force by the worshippers of Perun. "Sanctified by the lightning" is a story based on folk tales. It describes beliefs about people being hit by lightning. 

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

Definitely the new wave of Polish black metal. Also, early albums by Behemoth (Sventevith, Grom) and Thy Worshiper (Popiół). In terms of lyrics, books about Slavic mythology.

8. Something to add?

I would like to thank everyone who supports Svar. The number of positive reactions to the new EP has exceeded my expectations.

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