1. Merciless Ancient Evil:

This is the start of the story, telling what Age of Immortal Darkness really is and what is happening to the human race and the world from an apocalyptic, demonic possession. The demons come from a dormant, ancient, evil source, that has shawdowed the Earth for eons. It is also about me experiencing this and fighting for humanity and trying to survive.

2. Demon Grave Robbers:

It's about the demons possessing the human race. They do this in different ways and use human bodies for their evil crusade. They create more demons by either possessing living humans or by exhuming dead bodies and possessing them. They also take bones from burial sites and ossuaries and crush them and enchant them into a powder that gives them power.

3. Holy Innocents Cemetary:

There are so many mass graves everywhere from the people that are killed in the fight, and to people dying from starvation, squalor living conditions, and sickness from the struggle to survive. The title of this song was inspired by the historic, defunct cemetery in France. It's an irony that we are in this future time period but we are placed back in the living conditions of the 12th century as far as our landscape and methods for burying our dead.

4. Exo-possession:

Tells of the people (mainly my story about myself) that have a level of immunity to the possession taking place. I and the others like this are partially possessed for a short period of time, but this wears off. The person in this predicament is somewhat aware of this and going back and forth in their own head. It's a metaphor for fighting personal demons, emotional pain, and dealing with mental wellness. The title was inspired by creatures that shed their Exo-skeletons. I shed this demonic possession and return to normal.

5. Salvage or Die:

This is about the survival and fight of the survivors. They are gathering up scraps and whatever material they can find off the land and basically building things out of nothing. They have become hunters and scavengers. This song is the battle cry for their fight and will to live on and survive.

6. Destination Earth:

This is daydreaming about how Earth used to be, a placid planet, and wanting it back and coming to terms with it not being like that anymore. I and the other survivors have these strong memories of how it used to be and wish we could restore our planet and we wonder what the future will bring. 

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