Track By Tracks: The Fire Rising - Dark Sands Of Time (2022)

1. Enter the Dark Sands of Time (Intro):

This track sets the tone for the first track and EP. It takes you on a thematic trip through space-time by invoking the depths of your imagination through thought-enhancing cinematic sounds and narration.

2. Flying Blind:

A heart-pumping, story-driven sci-fi epic about a squad of Meka drivers that make a daring space jump at the speed of light.

3. Scream Louder:

A song about one’s inner turmoil and a struggle to sway themselves away from their demons that engrains their own self-deprecation.

4. Spire of Thorns:

No one can resist the lure of the spire, a mysterious plant-like entity that entraps victims into its thorns to feed on their flesh and assimilate consciousness into a collective hive mind. This Sabbath-esque feature narrates one’s transcendence of life into The Spire of Thorns.

5. As I Fall:

The story of an old Blacksmith who yearns for war and who wants to die a meaningful death and be reborn in the halls of his fallen brothers and sisters.

6. Recollection:

It's about the feelings of hate toward someone who has already died and the frustration from never telling them how they hurt you.

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