Track By Tracks: Lowhill - Concept Of Grief (2022)

1. Exile the Filth:

We wanted to kick off the album with a banger and ”Exile the Filth” was honestly the perfect track for this - a fast paced and heavy and something we haven’t wrote before.

Exile is a song about religion and how blinding it can really be for some people. The chorus line ”I’m not afraid of death / I won’t be mislead’ was circling in my mind for a while and turned out to set the whole mood for the song. One of my favorite tracks on the album for sure!

2. Vacant Mind:

”Vacant Mind” is one of our singles of the album. It’s a bouncy track that features a bunch of different elements from metalcore to deathcore and is super fun to play live.

The lyrics dive into different aspects of mental health, from anxiety to depression, and how your mind can be your worst enemy. It plays an important role in the whole concept of this record and is one of our favorites!

3. Deadweight:

The first song we wrote after a 2-year hiatus. ”Deadweight” was written as an entry song to the new era of Lowhill, with its big melodic chorus, easy-going breakdowns, and sing-along parts. The song combines our new sound with the old one and was the first single off of this album - a great song to get into us.

This song is about addiction and how it can cloud one’s mind. ”Deadweight” really steered the writing process lyrically and set the ground for the rest of the songs.

4. Suffer:

Probably the heaviest song of them all! Lots of chugs, weird alien sounds, and beatdown parts. Pit song of the setlist for sure!

”Suffer” is in a way a continuity to ”Vacant Mind” as it touches a lot of the same subjects but more from the personal side of them. At some point, we all suffer in our own way and lyrically we wanted to capture and express the feeling as raw as it might be.

5. Mono:

”Mono” is one of my favorites, if not the favorite, because it’s in a weird way so different from what we have previously written. We wanted to combine a huge atmosphere with the catchy heavy riff right from the beginning to set the mood for the whole song. Very long but fun mixing process with this one.

I had this line ”Tell me my memory won’t fade away / As I float into the unknown gray’ on my phone for the longest time, waiting for the right song. After hearing the song way early in the writing process, I knew this was the one. Lyrically the song is my melancholic expression of feeling hollow, stuck in one place with no silver lining in sight.

6. Fractures:

The softer song on the album, but crucial to complement the overall chugging. This one is actually written by our bassist Sami who joined the band around that time when we had written ’Deadweight’! I really dig it because it keeps the old-old Lowhill vibe but brings the new spices to the table as well. It’s a story about the time in your life when everything you’ve known has been ripped away and you’re left with the pieces that once used to be. Seems to be an early fan favorite too!

7. Ruin:

”Ruin” is a fast-paced, live-first song that came about when we were writing the last demos for the album. Our guitarists Henri and Jaakko came to us with the intro riff after they had played around with more alien noises and we knew instantly that we couldn’t keep this off the album.

The song is a more hardcoreish touch on the global issues we face today. ”Are we too forlorn? / We’re all designed to mourn” was a line that I knew I wanted to include on the album and those few words were the inspiration for the whole lyrical side of the song. Really fun track to play live as well!

8. Concept of Grief:

Even though being the title track of the album, this was the last song we wrote for the record. This one took us nearly 3 months to finish since there were so many ideas we wanted to include in it. The song is about loss and fear of death, which can be overwhelming at times. We wanted to capture the whole mood of the album in this song and we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

Fun fact - I had to record the vocals for the outro while I had covid, seriously do not recommend it if you care for your lungs!

9. Misery:

”Misery” was in fact first released back in 2019 as a single after our last EP and it was supposed to be the first song off this album. The writing process took way longer than we initially thought and we were iffy if we should include it on the album or just leave it as it is.

We re-recorded and mastered it and the end result was so much better than the original one, we couldn’t leave it out! The lyrics were written from a more deathcoreish standpoint than usual and to me they represent the darker side of emotional torment. Super fun song and definitely staying in the setlist for a long time.

10. Abandoned:

Honestly, I feel like this one is the best writing we have ever done. ”Abandoned” was the second song we wrote and recorded for this album and it really stuck with us. We knew from the start that this one has to be THE single for the album and we’ve been over the moon from the positive feedback he has gotten from it.

Lyrically this song is by far the most personal I’ve ever written, to the point of me even doubting if I should keep the lyrics or not. Thankfully, the response has been absolutely great and I hope other people can relate to the message as well.

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