Track By Tracks: Pit Lord - Gallery Of Skewered Swine (2022)

1. Gallery Of Skewered Swine:

This one serves as a tour through the halls of meat. Very much inspired by the album art. It sets the tone for the rest of the album.

2. Conquering The Bone:

Conquering the Bone is about feasting. Eating everything in sight and asking for more. It is that feeling of pushing away a clean plate and reveling in the meal you just devoured.

3. Forever Ale'd:

Forever Ale'd is simply a song about beer. We really wanted to make a reference to Aeon's "Forever Nailed", so we wrote a song around it. One of the more technically difficult songs on the album by far.

4. Sons Of Northern Breakfast:

Sons of Northern Breakfast: We like to throw a nod to black metal now and then and this definitely does that. Emily Cochran plays the cello you'll hear with the main riff and it sounds HUGE. Lyrically this one is about having an overabundance of meat leftover and eating it for breakfast. NEVER WASTE

5. Hell Hath No Fieri:

Hell Hath No Fieri is a song about our favorite TV chef Guy Fieri. That's it.

6. Nuke The Sauce:

Nuke the Sauce was the first song we recorded for this album. It's about making how wing sauce and jamming Bolt Thrower. It's the circle pit song for sure.

7. Crispy Ribs:

Crispy Ribs is our love song to pork ribs. This one features Sherwood Webber on guest vocals during the final stretch of the song. It was even named by the man himself, a call-back to the classic Skinless track Crispy Kids.

8. Burgers N' Dawgs:

Burgers N' Dawgs is a positive one. It's our love for cookouts with friends. Very much born from our times spent at Full Terror Assault. The voice heard at the beginning and end of the song is our friend Darren who was grilling right before our set at FTA in 2021.

9. Butchers From Beyond:

Butchers From Beyond was originally the title for the album. The song is about demons from the Meat Dimension coming to earth and challenging our supremacy over the Earth

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