Track By Tracks: Scaphis - Dissected & Fermented (2022)

1. Gathering:

This is the intro track, "Gathering" is a beckoning call. Thundering drums, chunky guitar riffs, and a melody to tie it all together.

2. Broken By The Wheel:

"Broken By The Wheel" details an excruciating public execution method that was popular in the middle ages. A good mix of fast and slow-paced riffs to take you through the story with the occasion 9/8 riff to cause an uncomfortable feeling before coming back to the intensity. 

3. The Hunt:

An intentionally ambiguous story, "The Hunt" is about a hunter who becomes the hunted. The music slowly builds at the start, combining more layers as the vocals come in, then takes a step back with a more ominous sound. The middle section is more frantic and fast-paced with the sounds of the hunter taken and tied up.

4. Let Me Out:

"Let Me Out" is the desperate, frustrated cries of a bloodthirsty menace begging to be let out. The music has a march feeling at the start, with a driving beat that makes you want to bang your head. The midsection has almost a waltz feel to it, leading to a dissonant feeling. It finishes with a big headbang riff.

5. Plague:

Fuelled by rage, "Plague" is an anthem of frustration and fury at the devastation mankind has inflicted on our mother Earth. The starting riff slowly builds, with multiple layers coming in over time, then kicks in the driving riff along with the vocals. The midsection has a blackened feel to it, while not losing the melody. The end comes with a sudden key change and alters between a chunky slow riff to a more frantic blast beat.

6. All for You:

"All for You" is an ode to Bloodbath's classic track "Eaten" exploring similar themes around the desire to be consumed. The music is chunky, thick and often jarring due to the off-beat sections after the intro. It pulls together into a slow chunky section that you can bang your head to. Then the chaos kicks in! Finally ending on a fast-paced riff.

7. Tower of the Damned:

The "Tower of the Damned" is a fictional place to where those deemed unfit for society are banished to rot and die together. A nice slow start with a pushing beat and while high tempo at times the following riffs still have that nice slow forward moving feel. It continues throughout the song, ending on another big headbang riff with a hectic solo.

8. Blood Eagle:

Based on the notorious Viking execution method by the same name, "Blood Eagle" explores the gory details of this punishment. A very blackened intro, layered with a high-end melody. A mix between frantic elements and chunky slow riffs, which then leads into another blackened riff that carries the vocals along. The midsection is a progressive chunky section to grow anticipation. Ends with lots of melodies added over the blackened riff and flowing vocals.

9. Flesh prison:

Inspired by a real condition called Cotard's Syndrome, "Flesh Prison" is written from the perspective of someone who can feel and see their body decaying, but the world around them is blind to the horror. A little more playful with the start of this song, which changes suddenly to a slow dragged section altering with a fast though subdued riff. The whole middle section is fast and constant which gets brought back with the slow chunky riff that was near the start.

10. Homicidal:

"Homicidal" explores a murderous hunger for bloodshed. A vinyl-sounding intro, which builds into a frantic verse to match the lyric content. The intensity continues until the midsection which then gets brought right back, slowly building in intensity again, adding in dissonant riffs to keep you off balance. The ending has more flow and 'purpose' after all the chaos.

11. Dissected & Fermented:

The title track, "Dissected & Fermented" describes a gut-churning scene of body parts fermenting in jars. A riff that makes you want to bang your head straight away, which moves into one that builds anticipation. The melody flows into the following riffs while still having an intensity to it. The midsection brings in a solid solo, leading into a very melodic final section, altering with a riff that makes you bob your head no matter where you are!

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