Track By Tracks: Shroud Of Bereavement - A Beautiful Winter (2022)

1. Canticle:

A more intimate, almost fragile atmosphere throughout. The song starts with piano, cello, and spoken word passages building into minor chord progressions that bring the listener into a vivid, almost dreamlike journey. the lyrics depict the spring frost melting away from a long winter past. Spiritual cleansing of sorts.

2. Amber Skies, Shadows Of My Becoming:

This epic tome brings you on a ride through several styles and genres, an acoustic guitar intro starts and then slams into a heavy, bombastic death/Doom-laden section, later it settles in and out of highly emotional scenes, into an epic climax ending. Lyrically, the song follows a theme throughout the album....nature and seasons as they change. Based on a dream of the composer's own demise.

3. An Unfamiliar Embrace:

A painful distance between two lovers in this Epic death/Doom rant. Both Male and female vocals pine over each other Based on the composer's actual life events.

4. Bury Me In Silence:

Hatred, anger, sorrow, regret. This bombastic epic is the heaviest song on the record, blending beauty and the beast perfectly, 9 minutes of anxiety and pain.

5. A Beautiful Winter:

Written for the founding member's daughter as a testament to a father's love for his child in trying times. Very emotional with an epic power ballad feel

6. Sorrow And Certainty:

The album closer and most epic on the album comes in at over 15 minutes of brutal death/doom metal with dark religious overtones sung in Latin harmonized with somber cellos. Climatic guitar shredding and very Somber lyrics follow.

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