Track By Tracks: StrengthBeyondYou - Rebirth And Redemption (2022)

1. Lit The Spark:

Lit The Spark is my interpretation of the last couple years. The events of the summer of 2020, affected me, so I wrote about how I felt and and what I saw. Things gotta change for the better, on every level.

2. I Survived:

I survived is about my ordeal with stage Three colorectal cancer. It was the toughest thing I've ever been through. I lost alot, during that time.. But, regained so much. I wanted to talk about what I want through, and I'm so glad I got it off my chest. I hope the song inspires people, that have been through similar situations.

3. Come Out Swinging:

Come out swinging is about the greatest city in the world... Detroit, MI. I wrote that song during the time when the city was kinda on a downside, but a roaring comeback was coming... And, it's been great to see the city come back in a major way. Every city has issues, But there's no place like home.

4. Ready To Rise:

Ready To Rise is a banger. For me, that song gives an old-school faith no more vibe to it. From the rap that Tino does to the dynamics of the song, it checks all the boxes as a song. Memorable chorus, great riffs, great solos.. That's why it's the single.

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