Band Biographies: Black It Out

Black it Out (also known as BIO) is a dynamic duo fronted by Shaun Zizi (Sugar Shaun) and Bryan Underwood (BryGuy) that rose from the ashes of Scarlet’s Sonata. After many lineup changes and an 8- year hiatus, Black It Out returned to the scene due to their extreme passion for music with their comeback album, Resurgence in 2019.

Black It Out is a Pop-Punk/Emo band from Sacramento, California, and is described as having “. . .catchy, stuck-in-your-head harmonized guitar riffs and lyrics that just make you want to sing along,” by Phil M, booking manager of Shanghai in Folsom, CA. Black It Out, while taking influences from Blink-182 and Sum 41 to heavier acts like A Day to Remember and Senses Fail, they stands out from other scene bands due to their memorable melodies, catchy guitar riffs, and fun lyrics about culturally relevant topics.

Black It Out’s songs have been played on the radio all over the world, appearing on KRXQ 98 Rock, Alyx Plays Punk, and Squatch In The Pit, to name a few. They even shared the stage with notable national acts like Mozart Season and Heartshed. Black It Out released their critically acclaimed If Looks Could Kill EP in 2021 and was described by Punk. Stance as “With memorable, harmonized guitar riffs and an emotive vocal performance, this EP is a return to form for the band, taking a punt at anything from classic punk rock to modern hardcore.” “There’s Not Enough Penicillin to Save You” coming in August 2022 features Pop-Punk phenomenon All Systems Go! Black It Out is working hard for you to notice them and make their mark on the music scene, so be sure to follow Black It Out to hear their latest single!

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