Band Biographies: Northbreaker

Northbreaker is a metalcore band from Madrid, Spain Active since 2016,

Definitely Northbreaker is a band with inspirations from different genres, creating a balance between melodic and heavy sounds. Since the band was created they have an EP called "Scars of your mind" released in 2017, their First album released in 2019 called "The Chaos Within", and here is where they started that particular sound, finally they released a new single in 2022 called "Agony"

They have a experience sharing Stage with big Spanish bands such as Dawn of the Maya, Brothers till We Die, Against the Waves, Bonecarver, etc. And with international bands as STAB, Shields, In clover, Fortune Teller, Awake the Dreamer and others.

You can listen to their album "The Chaos Within" on Spotify in the next link:

Their New Single "AGONY":

Agony's video on YouTube:

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