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Mike, Derek, Dave, and Nicki come from four very different backgrounds in music. Together, their individual styles shine and mix to create a strong and original sound that falls outside the realm of typical music genres. The rockers say we are metal, the metal heads say we are hard rock, the hard rockers think we are strange, and we just try to be us.

Mike Kessell (Bassist) hails from Mount Savage, Maryland with his family. His influences include Primus, Incubus, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, and more. His style is driven by heavy funk, alternative rock, metal, rhythm & blues, and an eclectic mix of underground artists. He's a bit of a mystery, but there is no denying the low-end bass that envelopes our sound.

Derek O'Neal (Guitarist) hails from Cumberland, Maryland with his family. His guitar style is widely influenced by a unique spread of players from Synyster Gates, Dimebag Darrell, and Ken Susi to the blues realm of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Bonamassa. His riffs are aggressive, yet melodic and technical. Derek also contributes vocals, screams, and growls throughout the music.

David Green (Drummer) hails from Charleston, South Carolina, and currently resides in Cumberland, Maryland with his family. He has a strong musical background both as a lead singer and a drummer across the East Coast. He likes energetic and dynamic heavy rock music such as artists like Godsmack, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, Seven Mary Three, and more. His style is sewn in alternative rock with an exquisite feel for emotional changes and bridges in each song.

Nicki (Vocalist & Synth) hails from the Youghiogheny River Valley and currently resides in Finzel, MD with her family. She has been playing piano since age 4 and singing in front of crowds since age 16. Her influences include Myles Kennedy, Starset, iPrevail, Lacey Sturm, FlyLeaf, Gemini Syndrome, Melissa Cross, Tenacious D, and much more. She has a technique mixed with vocal heat and screaming to produce a recognizable and signature voice.

Playing for the sake and appreciation of music, SHADOWBURN is a mix of heavy and funky riffs, rhythms, screams, and sounds.

They bring energy, originality, fun, and hard work to their music.
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