Band Biographies: Suspyria

Suspyria are a four-piece alternative metal band from Melbourne, Australia. In June 2018, vocalist Terence Stevens and lead guitarist Mitch Black formed Suspyria to channel their passion for music, and explore ideas relating to mental health, addiction and relapse. "Music is our avenue of expression with which we hope to connect to people on a deep and personal level through lyrics and emotion." Shortly after the formation of the band, and writing of the record "Regression". drummer Beau Grech and bass guitarist Chris Viper were recruited. After which they promptly recorded and released a music video for their title track "Regression". In late 2019 they officially released "Regression" as their debut record. During 2020, with lockdowns restricting the live music scene from functioning, things went quiet. But in the background they were working hard on their sophomore release. The first part of that release came in September 2021, with "The Damage" single. Followed closely by the hard hitting crushing riffs in their follow up single “Vultures”. Now their third single “Tabula Rasa” from their recently announced album, titled; “The Valley of Despair” is set to be unleashed (September 2nd). Closely followed by the album release (October 7th). The band have high hopes for a bright future in the heavy music scene.

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