Behind The Artworks: Madame Daley - Classic (2022)

To celebrate the August 5t release of her debut EP ‘Classic’. NYC glam rocker Madame Daley shared with BTC the story behind her original artwork. A DIY artist to the core, she shares how she pulled together an image that perfectly encapsulated the EP on an indie artist budget and timeline. Take a read and stream the EP below.
Originally for the EP, I had come up with this cool concept I was very excited about. I wanted it to be a photo but I didn’t have the budget, team, or time to achieve it so I decided to have an artist draw it instead. The artist was great but it did not pack the punch I felt the photo would, so I had to improvise with the deadline approaching quickly.

I have a small disco ball hanging in my tiny little studio apartment. I decided to throw my custom Madame necklace I had made a few years back on the disco ball and snap some pics of it. I ended up wrapping a black boa around it and felt like maybe I had something. Then I took to the computer and did some editing. I am very happy with how it turned out.

I like disco balls because they’re a signifier that music is playing, people are dancing and having a good time. It’s a timeless fixture of music halls everywhere. It’s classic!

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