Behind The Artworks: Victoria K - Kore (2022)

The artwork for the album was done by the incredibly talented ‘Pedro Sena Of Lordigan’. The cover directly depicts Persephone in the center, standing between her two words. each side is a completely symmetrical parallel to the other, with the juxtaposition of the right side being the overworld and the left side being the underworld. We wanted to highlight this dichotomy in the cover as it is a main theme of the stories, drawing upon parallels. The cover tells the whole story from start to finish, with images like the Narcisuss flowers that Persephone was gathering when she was taken leading to the temple built in their honour, going down to hades and being deceived many times, while having her life torn into two pieces. It all then lies in the center of the artwork in Persephone’s chest, with the chained heart filled with pomegranate seeds, this was the pivotal moment of the tale where she sealed her fate for eternity. The artwork finally highlights the cyclical nature of seasons and the story; the nature of Birth, life, death, and renewal. With the world going round and changing and growing without stopping, no matter how much as humanity we try to stop it.

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