Behind The Artworks: Voluntary Mortification - Suffer To Rise (2022)

First off, I must tell you how happy I am with how the album artwork turned out. Thanks to mohammedanam759 on Fiverr, he took my chicken scratch drawing and ideas and worked diligently with me to create a magnificent piece of art: both brutally scary, and brutally redemptive as well.

What is so cool about the artwork is that the scenes that you see in the artwork directly correlate to our songs. What I mean by that is that you can see our protagonist in the center with a ray of light from God on him. This is the focal point of where the album begins after the intro of "Wages of Sin" and onto "Death Tremors" and then "Vindicator". You can also find a bishop impaled on a pillar in Hell: this is the fictional bishop we hear about in the story "Silence".

There is a pit of doctors in Hell where one carved "regret" in the pit covered in blood. You will hear a reference to this in "The Cull".

That is all I will give away, but as the listener headbangs to our album, they will find direct correlations in the artwork via the songs.

Should you choose to order a physical CD, our album artwork booklet is an 8-page booklet that will have all of the lyrics and pictures focusing on certain points in the artwork that are directly related to the story told.

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