Behind The Tracks: Female President - Saints Of Heartache (Single) (2022)

Reckless display of power, Saints of Heartache's wild beat and gnarly rock riffs hold up under the sting of soaring steely vocals. Written to inspire the get-up and go to leave a toxic situation, you'll be stomping your feet, drumming on the steering wheel, and cranking up the volume on this track. This is the last single released from the forthcoming EP, Our Year To Grieve. The band also shares a music video for the new track and you can watch it on Female President's youtube channel.

An energized modern rock trio inspired by the early roots of rock n roll; Female President uses heartfelt grit and simplistic riffs to create a sound all their own. A family of musicians whose individual styles build dynamics and groove to a fever pitch.

Dréa Atkins (of Farewell Albatross), Johnny Moss (of DSR), and Jasper Cunningham (of Vacant Lights) formed the band during the summer of 2020. Female presidents will be releasing their complete EP in 2022. The EP is dedicated to the loss of many families and community members over the last year, including Dréa's father."

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